Ninja understands that each PCP airgun manufacturer has specific requirements when it comes to the maximum fill pressure in the air cylinders on their PCP airguns. We have the ability to make custom output pressure between 950psi up to 3000psi (max output). The high output PCP regulator, has an regulated pressure of + / - 100psi from the desired output pressure.

PCP regulators must also be ordered in an 100 PSI increments such as 1200psi, 1400psi, 1600psi, 1800psi, up to 3000psi (max output).

When this regulator is mounted on a cylinder that accepts 5/8-18UNF threads, it will allow the user to fill PCP airguns to the choosenregulated presuure preventing the user from over-pressuring the PCP airgun. Tether the regulator and cylinder to your PCP airgun and give it a regulated, consistent shot. This eliminates the need to stay within a certain pressure range to achieve the most accurate shots when your regulator is set to the optimal pressure for your specific gun. Ninja also manufactures hoses and fittings to allow you to tether your gun.

Ninja PRO SHP Regulator
Output Pressure:
Ships at 1100psi. Can be set to 950psi by removing shims inside.
This regulator gives you the ability to switch from CO2 to High Pressure Air with two different output pressures. High Pressure Air will give you a much more cleaner propellant and provide a more consistent shot that is not prone to temperature variation.

The regulator features a rotational collar, giving you the ability to reposition the fill valve and gauge.

Ninja PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) Airgun Regulator
Custom Output Pressure:
Select between 1200psi up to 3000psi max
PCP regulator can be ordered with a fixed output pressure ranging between 1200psi up to 3000psi max. You specify the desired output pressure , regulated + / - 100psi of the desired output
pressure. The output pressure desired must be ordered in an 100 PSI increments. Example: 1200psi, 1400psi, 1600psi, up to 3000psi max. The PCP regulator is a non-adjustable, fixed output regulator that features the exclusive ball valve design to prohibit the PCP regulator from use on paintball markers.

The PSI/ NINJA Product Line is proudly manufactured and assembled at our location in Crystal Lake Illinois .