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Ninja Pre Charged Pneumatic Air Rifle Accessories


With our years of experiance with air products we have worked to create the best possible products for your air rifle. We understand the needs of the ever growing air rifle industry and have worked to make sure that our Made in USA products meet those needs. Whether you need a high powered air tank to refill your rifle or a fill station to power your bench shooting setup, Ninja has you covered.

Ninja Custom Output Pressure Regulators

We are a fully made in USA manufacturer and these allows us some benefits which our foreign counterparts cannot do. One of these benefits is being able to completely manufacture a regulator to the output pressure YOU need. If you are looking for a pressure which is not a standard on a high pressure reg then the X pressure regs are for you.

Ninja 90cu Lite Tank with a EZ Fill Valve

The Ninja EZ fill system is the next level in portbale fill station technology. This unit allows you to fill your PCP airgun to a full 4500PSI utilizing the slow fill and easy control knob on the EZ valve. The Valve is a non-regulated unit.

Ninja High Pressure Fill Station (HPFSV2)


- US PATENT 6170519

- Designed to regulate HPA 0-5000psi
- ASTM Compliant
- Adjustable Output Pressure
- Easy on/off valve operation
- CGA-677 fitting included
- Instruction manual included.

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