Remote Lines


Ninja Remote lines are known as some of the best and most innovative in the industry. We work with players to determine their needs in a remote line and ensure that we meet that demand. Working with the players has allowed us to make some of the most innovative systems available in remotes today like our Microbore Remote, Dual Line remotes and Fill Whips.

Ninja Microbore Remote Lines


Ninja Microbore Remote Lines are the next generation of remote air filling solutions. This new Microbore line is a higher pressure rated line while also 30% lighter than standard remote coils. With the microbore remote you also maintain a hyper-flexibility to the line allowing you to weave the line through your tactical vest to pressurize your gun and maintain a low profile tactical look.


Available in:

- Microbore with Quick Disconnect

- Microbore with Slide Check

- Microbore with PTC (Push To Connect)

- Microbore Dual Remote Line (2 lines 1 tank)

- Microbore Dual Tank Remote Line (2 tanks 1 line)

- Microbore Fill Whip


Ninja Coiled Remote Lines


Ninja Coiled Remote Lines are more than your standard coiled remote lines. Ninja coiled remotes give you have a higher flexibility and freedom of movement without all the added line which can get caught on obstactles. We coil our remotes to just the right length with straight ends to make sure that the coil portion does not touch the bottom of your wrist when screwed into your marker. This ensures you always have a comfortable fit while holding your marker.


Available in:

- Coiled with Quick Disconnect

- Coiled with Slide Check

- Coiled with PTC (Push To Connect)



Ninja Remote Accessories


Ninja Remote lines follow the industry standards set forth by ASTM so our remote line accessories will work with any remote product which also follows these standards. Replacement parts and new options for remote arrangements are all made possible through Ninja product accessories.