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Ninja Fill Stations


Ninja Fill Stations are fully machined, manufactured and tested in the USA and are designed so that you get safe reliable fills with ease of use in mind. We offer many different fill stations for many applications wether you are filling Co2 or an Air Rifle, we got you covered.

Ninja High Pressure Fill Station (HPFSV2)


- US PATENT 6170519

- Designed to regulate HPA 0-5000psi
- ASTM Compliant
- Adjustable Output Pressure
- Easy on/off valve operation
- CGA-677 fitting included
- Instruction manual included.

Ninja M10 Fill Station with Muffler


- Ideal for stores and fields

- Co2 Fill Station

- Single level control
- ASTM Compliant
- Includes instructions and rebuild kit
- Optional muffler and stand
- Scale not included
- Instruction manual included.

-This item is only built on orders of 300 pcs or more, sorry

Ninja Scuba Fill Station


- Made in the USA

- Designed for HPA
- Works with Scuba K-Valve
- 3000psi rated pressure
- Instruction manual included

Mini co2 Round.jpg
Ninja Mini Fill Station


- Made in the USA

- Designed for CO2
- Works with CGA 320
- 3000psi rated pressure
- Instruction manual included

Ninja EZ PCP 90 Fill System

The Ninja EZ fill system is the next level in portbale fill station technology. This unit allows you to fill your PCP airgun to a full 4500PSI utilizing the slow fill and easy control knob on the EZ valve. The Valve is a non-regulated unit.

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