Ninja EZ PCP Fill System

We are proud to release our all new EZ refill system. Designed to refill any PCP gun with a unregulated slow fill. The single handle operation makes it easy to use and the slow fill makes it very easy to control so you do not overfill the rifle. Made int he USA and comes with the non whip stainless steel high pressure qd so no worries about the hose whipping if not attached to the male qd.

Ninja Fill Panel

We are proud to release our all new Micro Fill Panel. Designed and built to be a reliable robust push button system. The system can be fully rebuilt in a matter of minutes while under pressure. All Ninja Fill Panels come equipped with our Safety Strut Quick Disconnect to help prevent whipping of the hose when not fully connected to the air system

Translucent 68/4500

The classic 68 is reborn in new color options. Same great reliability and quality you have come to know. now with a bit of added flair to keep you looking good on and off the field.